We are a leading company in designing, manufacturing, and supply of motorized transfer trolleys. Our wide range of motorized transfer trolleys is based on the long experience spanning decades as well as the adoption of state of the art technology in line with our modern in-house design and manufacturing facility. The motorized transfer trolleys are custom-made to meet and satisfy each customer’s needs. The structure and design of our motorized transfer trolleys ensure highest quality standards and therefore guarantee long service. Besides, they are highly durable and therefore are guaranteed to give you a good return on investment.



Benefits of the motorized transfer trolleys

Energy Efficiency

Our motorized transfer trolleys are very energy efficient and therefore use very minimal power. They are consequently ideal in areas where electricity costs are high as they do not take up a lot of energy. Besides, all motorized transfer trolleys are fitted with a control panel to ensure protection from under voltage and over voltage. The motorized transfer trolleys can also use AC & DC and therefore meet the needs of a wider clientele.

Low maintenance

The strong structure utilized in the manufacture of the motorized transfer trolley ensures they are able to easily handle heavy objects without needing regular repairs and maintenance. This saves a lot of time and costs which would otherwise be used in the repair and maintenance and thus the motorized transfer trolley can work for 24 hours continuously for up to almost a year without the need for service. The low maintenance also ensures efficiency as customers are guaranteed long uninterrupted services and are therefore likely to increase revenues as there are no down times.


The motorized transfer trolleys are highly versatile and therefore meet the need of diverse customers. For example, customers can choose between the motor gearbox and the winch pull. Further, customers can also choose between the pendant and remote controls. The versatility ensures that customers can conveniently transfer goods from one place to another seamless regardless of the type of goods they intend to move. The trolleys are therefore suitable for a number of industries including production, assembling, and logistics among other areas. The trolleys also have diverse capacity consequently they meet the needs of different customers, regardless of the loads they intend to carry as those who wish to carry heavy load can access them.




The motorized transfer trolley has a significantly high lateral stability and bearing capacity due to their structure which reduces their table height. Besides, the driving wheels are strategically placed close to the ends of longitudinal beams this also significantly enhances stability and bearing capacity as the height of the trolley is greatly lowered.
Radio remote control

We also offer radio remote control to move the motorized transfer trolley to and fro the locations. This ensures flexibility during movement and therefore saves times as well as money that would have been lost due to challenges in moving the motorized transfer trolleys.


We emphasize the safety of our products to ensure operators and customers are not injured or harmed by our various products. Consequently, we have invested heavily in ensuring the safety of our products consequently our motorized transfer trolleys are fitted with siren, bacon lights, warning bar and bumper, option switch, and limit switch. These measures ensure the safety of the users, for example, the limit switch disconnects and automatically stops the trolley on running the end of rails. The parts of the motorized transfer trolley are also purchased only from reputable companies to ensure their quality, safety as well as guarantee long services. Besides, we also import parts such as the motor according to the needs and specifications of the client.
If you are shopping for a motorized transfer trolley contact our customer service personnel who are at hand to give you information that will guide you on selecting the trolley that specifically meets your needs. Besides our technical experts will help you in designing a motorized transfer trolley that is guaranteed to give you a long time service and ensure that it maximizes the revenue as well as the potential of your firm. The technical experts are also on hand for the delivery and training of operators until they can comfortably use them. Besides, we can modifications depending on the demands of customers.

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