If you have never used a travel lift before, it’s probably because you do not own a boat. These are what allows a boat to be taken out of storage and placed into the water. They are typically shaped in the form of a cube, with wheels at the bottom. There will be a hydraulic lift associated with these that will pull on the straps that will lift the boat and hold it in place as it is being moved. Some of these can be quite large. They can also lift different amounts of weight. Additionally, they can be designed to accommodate both narrow and wide ships so that they are perfectly safe when they are being placed in the water.


What Are Some Features On Marine Travel Lift?


Some of the top features involve the ability of the hoist to lift very slowly. This will prevent the straps from doing any unnecessary damage to the bottom of the ship. If you are moving a yacht, especially a very expensive one, that’s the last thing that you want to have happen. Even the slightest amount of damage to these expensive boats can be tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, spending a little extra money on some of the top marine travel lifts is what you should probably consider doing. If you already own a boat, and you would like to use one of these innovative devices, there are a few applications to consider.

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travel lift

How Would These Be Used Every Year?


These should be used for two separate functions. One is to put the boat in the water. The other is to take it out. When you are putting it in the water, you are essentially driving this square apparatus from the hanger to the water and you will gradually set it into the water below. Additionally, when you are taking it up out of the water, you need to have the straps down in the water, properly positioned so they do not get tangled. Other than that, there is really no other purpose for them. They are specifically designed to move boats in and out of the water. Travel lift with good quality can greatly facilitate your operations and you can get detailed information about this product by clicking here http://www.ellsencranes.com/travel-lift/.

marine travel lift

marine travel lift

How To Find Manufacturers That Sell Them


The manufacturers that offer these for very reasonable prices are in countries where the cost of materials is far less. They can then build everything for a cheaper price, and that is why you can get exceptional units that are extremely powerful and large for a minimal cost. Whether you are the owner of a fishing boat, or a multimillion dollar yacht, this is what you need to safely move your boat into the water, or out for storage. They are designed to be easy to use, similar to any type of gantry crane that you may have used in the past.


These top features, as well as the applications for using these, have been discussed. You now know what to look for. These travel lifts are specifically designed for different companies for individuals that are constantly removing their boat from the water. The sale prices that you find online may lead you to the one that you need that may be specifically designed for your boat. It’s easy to work with, using the simple controls that they provide. Within hours, you will know exactly how to use it to maneuver your boat into and out of the water.

When you have a sizable boat, one that weighs in excess of 500 tons, you are going to need a substantial gantry crane to get it in and out of the water. This could be a private yacht that you have, or it could be a vessel that is able to ship merchandise. Either way, there are times when you need to put it in the water, and also take it out. You will need to set up what is called a travel lift. This will enable you to maneuver the boat in the way that is described. To make your life easier, or at least make it easier for your company to do this type of work, you will need to find at least a 500 ton travel lift that can do the job.

How Many Companies Make These?

There are only a few businesses in the world that actually make once this big. They are well known in the industry, whether they are used for land-based or water-based activities. In this particular case, you are going to use what is called the marine boat lift crane, one that is exceptionally large. For example, it is going to have a pulley system that is exceptional, powered by hydraulic sand either a diesel powered or electric motor. In addition to this, it will likely have a trolley that will allow the boat to be shifted from side to side. This will make it easy to get it out of the water, and also place it into the water, in just a few minutes.

Where You Find These Companies That Sell Them?

Locating companies that sell them is actually the easy part. That’s because there are so few companies that create ones that are this large. There are many larger businesses that produce a multitude of different gantry cranes. In this case, you are looking for those that are producing travel lifts. These also can come in many different shapes and sizes. There are those that are designed for industrial vessels, yachts, and many other types of boats. If they have a large variety of them, this is going to make it easier for you to trust that they know what they’re doing.

Will You Be Able To Save Money When You Make The Purchase?

Saving money will be easy as long as you are working with a business that is known in the industry for producing the very best travel lifts. After looking at the different listings that they have, and comparing the ones that they are selling, you will find one that can lift 500 tons. http://marinetravellifts.com/500-ton-travel-lift/ You can then contact the sellers, ask about prices, and then get multiple quotes from each company that you find. The amount that they charge, and the time that it will take for them to ship it to you, are all factors to consider before making your final purchase.

These are going to be very easy to use once they are all set up. It’s going to make your transporting and launching of your vessels very easy. It is absolutely necessary to have these if you are at a location where multiple boats are coming in and out of the water. You can also get this for personal use if you happen to be wealthy with a couple yachts that are constantly being used. For more details, please contact us. http://marinetravellifts.com/