When you work in the egg packing industry, there are certain types of machines that are necessary in order to get the job done properly. As is the case with any specialized type of industry, these machines may come in many different shapes and sizes. But sometimes, it is just not possible to do business competitively without them available. For those that operate an egg packing facility or who are in the egg production business in any way, an automatic egg tray machine is a necessity. Here are some of the advantages of using one.

Automatic Egg Tray Machine from Beston

Automatic Egg Tray Machine from Beston



Quite honestly, it is not going to be possible to produce these egg trays by hand and to remain competitive. Having an automatic egg tray machine on hand is the only way to dependably produce these packing crates and to do so in a way that will help to keep your business up and in operation.



When you use the proper type of egg tray machine, it is not only possible to produce the flat trays that hold eggs, adjustments to the machine may also make it necessary for you to make egg cartons and other convenient options as well. In fact, some of these machines can even be configured to make milk boxes! This is really a multi-function device and although you may only be using it for making egg trays. The other conveniences may sometimes be necessary, depending upon the business that you are operating. Beston Machinery can provide all kinds of pulp molding equipment according to customer’s requirements.

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Useful in Many Areas


Although you may be using the automatic egg tray machine at an egg packing and distributing facility, there are other areas that may also make use of this convenient item as well. In some cases, the chicken farm may have a use for it directly and it can certainly be a convenience to have these trays available at all times for the eggs that are being delivered. Even duck farms can also use these machines, as can hatcheries.

One other area where this machine can be a convenience is in the supermarket. This is often something that is overlooked but if the machine is multi-function and can also produce the egg cartons, it can be a convenience so that eggs can be repackaged and sold at the market directly.

Mass Production


Depending upon the egg cartons machine that is being used, it may be possible to produce up to 7000 pieces per hour or perhaps even more. This can be a real benefit to anyone who has a larger egg farm or factory. Choosing such an option can help to keep your operation up and running and to do so in a way that increases productivity and allows for additional profit for every egg that is packed and shipped.

You may be able to use any number of different pieces of equipment when you’re in the egg production business. This particular machine, however, is one that can benefit businesses in many different ways.

Professional Automatic Egg Tray Machine Supplier—Beston Machinery

Beston Machinery has rich experience in manufacturing egg tray machines. Beston has developed a complete, flexible and automatic egg tray production lines, which gained high reputation around the world.

Who doesn’t love eggs? But, the egg industry compels the use of trays to transport their product from the factory or farm to the marketplace. Without these paper trays, it would be impossible to transport the eggs to the open market. Today, in the market there are machines, that use the liquid pulp for molds to create paper trays of different sizes. Some of these machines are manual and others are semi-automatic. These days, there are ample of egg tray machine available in the market, it may be a tough job for a factory owner to choose the best from it. For people who are new to the egg industry and haven’t got enough experience, they may spend more money for getting the best machine. In reality and in every possibility, you will spend up tons of dollars and will not be happy about it. Well, by using semi-automatic paper egg tray machine, saving is an affirmative, and you will enjoy every bit of it. Semi automatic egg tray machine for sale are very popular in our company.

Semi automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine

Semi Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine

One of the major uses of this machines is generating egg trays in mass scale. It produces full flexibility in producing trays, which means if the mold in the machine is changed, then it can also produce other types of trays which are largely demanding in the market, like apple trays and this is one of the uniqueness of semi-automatic paper egg tray machine. If you have to get involved in bulk production of egg trays, then the semi-automatic machine may be the perfect for you. The production of egg trays and the operation is mainly supplemented by diesel and gas. The three main steps in the formation of the egg tray are the forming system, pulping system at last the drying system. Our company can provide you with different egg tray drying line for sale.

PROPERTIES of the Semi-Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine
The semi-automatic machine works on two drying lines. One is called the brick dryer and another is the multilayer metal dryer. The brick drying line comes in with numerous benefits when used extensively. Brick drying lines can easily be maintained and it also glows with permanency due to its usage in designing bricks’. The second mode of operating a semi-automatic machine is multilayer metal dryer line. The multilayer metal dryer works great for small factories. Another advantage of using this line, in production, is the installation. It can be installed very easily.

The Advantages of the Semi-Automatic Paper Egg Tray Machine
Let us see some of the uniqueness of semi-automatic paper egg tray machine in production of egg trays,
It decreases manual labor and has great efficiency.

Once started using, users of this machine will discover the overabundance of applications of the machine.
The semi-automatic machine is economical and is designed with striking features.
It is user-friendly and can be easily used by beginners.
It is robust and long-lasting and is ideal for day to day usage, and therefore helps you save money.

egg trays Conclusion
The semi-automatic machine being a new addition to the egg industry has decapitated headaches of the factory owner, by providing simple and relaxed egg trays, and there lies its uniqueness. Another uniqueness of semi-automatic paper egg tray machine is that it automatically dries the damp paper tray and hence quality trays for your quality eggs! You can visit this website: https://eggtraymachines.net/.

If you have ever received a fruit tray before, one that was specifically designed to hold apples, it was likely made with some type of pulp molding machinery that was able to create the perfect mold. In the same way that egg cartons are made, these machines are able to create different sizes and shapes of cartons. They typically use some type of paper pulp, sometimes from recycled materials, and through a paper like process can create the different trays and cartons that are made. Here is an overview of how these apple fruit tray making machines work, and then where you can get one for your business if selling apples is what you do.

5000-7000 pieces fruit tray making machine

How Pulp Molding Machine Works

These machines are very complex, capable of creating the pulp that is necessary to make the mold, and then using that material to create the specific mold that you need to produce. Although they are very sophisticated, they are very easy to use, rust protected and made of solid steel construction. It is actually very easy to interchange the different molds that you want to use using the dryer linking option. There is always a control panel that is used to configure the different operations that must be done, and they are often very efficient in terms of using electricity that powers them. Some of them allow you to change the color of the mold before it is set, and also add waterproofing materials. In fact, we have many types of egg tray making machines for sale. If you are getting one for your own company, or you are going to produce cartons for other people, this is the type of machinery that you will need.

What Type Of Molds Can They Make?

All of the machines, including the apple fruit tray making machine and paper egg carton making machine are designed with very specific components. apple fruit trayYou may have a direct hot press, a dry type pulp mold machine, or an advanced one that incorporates the oven dry manufacturing process. Egg cartons, egg trays, tableware, poultry products, and egg boxes can all be made by this machinery. Multi-side rotary pulp molding machinery can be very expensive, which is why you need to shop around before making a final decision to make a purchase.

There are just a few companies that actually produce these machines, and perhaps a few more that are able to provide you with discounts on used models. You will want to contact each company if they do not have their prices available, allowing you to see what they have in stock. The amount of money that you spend will depend upon the type of machinery that you need, how larger operation is, and the speed at which these machines are able to work. If you simply need an apple fruit tray making machine china, you will likely find multiple companies that offer this type of equipment that is ready to purchase, whether you need something new or used to help improve your business. If you want to know more about our machine, click here to know more: https://eggtraymakingmachine.net/egg-tray-production-line/.