A lot of different concrete applications require smooth, level surfaces. For instance, if you are pouring a concrete floor in a building, the finished concrete needs to be completely smooth and even. Similarly, if you are pouring a large slab outdoors, the concrete surface needs to be smoothed out, leveled, and precisely angled for proper drainage.

This is accomplished through the use of a process known as screeding. A concrete finisher uses a tool known as a screed to remove excess wet concrete while at the same time leveling out the surface of the slab.

In the past, this process was done using relatively basic tools. Typically, workers would pour concrete into a wooden form. They would then pull a 2 x 4 board along the top of the form to remove any excess concrete and to even out the surface. This simple screeding process was effective but required a lot of work and didn’t always give the best results.

laser screed machine

Concrete Laser Screed

Today, there are much better options available. Laser power screed have transformed the way that contractors smooth out large areas of concrete. These high-tech machines make smoothing and leveling floors and slabs fast and easy. Henan Aido is a company which provides high quality concrete laser screed machines for clients.

These units are mounted on wheels, allowing them to drive over the ground. There is a large boom at the front of the vehicle that extends out horizontally over the ground. Attached to the end of the boom, there is a special screed head.

The screed head  is made up of a few different components. Part of it functions as a plow, moving the concrete into place and distributing it evenly across the surface. There is also an auger attached to the screed head. This tool helps remove any excess concrete from the surface. Click into this page to know more details about concrete laser screed machine

Finally, there is a vibrator that causes the screed head to vibrate, allowing it to smooth out the surface as it passes over the top. The vibrating motion helps evenly distribute the concrete, gets rid of bubbles, and creates a smooth, even surface.

The screed head itself is usually quite wide, measuring ten feet or more across. This allows it to smooth out large swaths of concrete with a single pass. Using one of these devices, workers can quickly level large slabs of concrete, making quick work of projects like floors.

What makes these devices really unique, however, is that they have a built-in laser that helps guide the head, ensuring that the floor is completely level. The laser provides data to a special computer system that is mounted on the device, automatically making adjustments on the fly to ensure a perfectly level surface.

In the past, screeding concrete took a lot of time and required a lot of effort. Thanks to the introduction of concrete laser screed machines, however, the process is now extremely fast and easy. These devices rely on advanced technology to create smooth, level floors with an extreme degree of precision. By significantly speeding up and improving the screeding process, they allow concrete contractors to get much better results.