Apple tray making machine is a pulp moulding machine which produces apple trays. However, the machine can produce other products such as paper egg tray, egg box, egg carton, cup tray, bottle tray, shoe support and various fruits trays. This means that, the machine can easily be turned into paper egg tray making machine by changing the mould to suit the purpose.

The machine consists of three systems namely: pulping system, forming system and drying system. The machine mixes water and waste paper until the mixture reaches a given concentration. The egg tray pulp is then transported to the forming system which is responsible for forming a paper egg tray. The drying system then dries the egg tray and it is packed, ready for use.

The drying system of egg carton making machine is made up of semi-automatic dryer, automatic dryer and metal dryer. Your machine’s productivity determines the appropriate drying method. If you produce a 1000 units or less per hour, you may opt to dry your paper egg trays in the sun if your climate allows. However, if your output is more than 1000 pieces per hour, you may require to use a paper egg tray making machine with a dryer.

A machine with semi-automatic dryer uses a minor cart to transport egg tray paper pulp to the drying area. The dryer is made of 40-60m brick.

top apple tray making machine

apple tray making machine

Properties of Apple Tray Making Machine

When you are buying an apple tray making machine, you need to carefully check some properties in order to make sure that you buy a machine that meets your requirements. The properties include:

Model number – The model number usually appears ranges from GLF-1-3 to GLF-4-12. The model number determines the level of output.

Output per hour – The output is normally in terms of number of egg tray pieces. Most egg tray making machines produce between 1000 to 7500 pieces of trays per hour.

Mold quantity – Mold quantity ranges between three chunks and 48 chunks

Total power in KW – Total power may range between 33 Kilo Watts and to 160 kilowatts.

Paper consumed per hour in kilograms – The paper consumed per hour may range from 60kg – 600 kg per hour.

Pulper power in kilograms – The power ranges from 7.5 to 22 kilowatts. Drying system power ranges from 19 to 26 KW.

Advantages of Using Paper Apple Tray Making Machine

– The machine involves simple multi-layer installation. You do not need to know deep installation details for your machine to be operational.

– It is very easy to operate and offers a wide range of applications.

– The whole production line uses easily available coal, diesel oil and natural gas which are easily replaced. The egg carton machine has low energy consumption.

– It also produces less pollution and hence it is very environmental-friendly.

paper apple trays– The raw materials used are easily available. Waste paper from newspapers, cardboard, old magazines, paper carton boxes and old books are the major raw materials and are very easy to obtain.

– It produces very rich resources that can be used by everyone. The quality of the product is good and the prices are very affordable.

– The cost of production is very low. You can visit our website to know more:

– The egg-tray making machine has long service life and high efficiency levels.

You now have the answer to the question: What are the productivity of Apple tray making machine? As already discussed above, apple tray making machine is a pulp molding machine used to produce trays. It changes molds to produce either fruit tray, egg tray among other applications. With this information, you should be able to invest in a paper egg tray making machine that suits your needs.