When you work in manufacturing, having access to a powerful crane is a must. Cranes make your operation work more efficiently and they make the work go faster. A top running overhead crane runs on top of a track and works well in medium sized facilities. Read on to learn more about how to buy the best top running crane.


There are two types of top running overhead cranes to choose from. The single girder crane or the double girder crane. Single girder cranes are cheaper. It isn’t as expensive installing the support structure and the wheel loads are smaller. The double girder crane is perfect for applications that require more than 20 tons to be lifted. These cranes are heavy duty and are ready to perform heavy duty work. The material that is being lifted travels between the beams on the hook. You can also lift things higher with this type of crane http://ellsenoverheadcrane.com/top-running-overhead-crane/.

Some top running overhead cranes are explosion proof and these cranes work well in power stations and can lift up to 20 tons. When you are ready to buy your top running overhead crane you have to know how much weight you plan to lift with the crane. This will help you decide if you want a single or double girder crane. If you aren’t going to be lifting huge amounts, a single girder crane will work, but if you plan on lifting larger amounts you need to switch over to a double girder crane.

You also have to consider the height of the things you are going to be lifting. If the materials that are going to be lifted are very tall, you need a double girder crane because they work well with taller heights. The space that the crane is going to go in is very important as well. You have to make sure that you have enough room to operate the crane.

Be sure to take the power requirements of the crane into consideration as well. It is important that you have enough power to run the crane properly. You want to make sure the crane can handle everything that you need to lift and you want to make sure that the crane can handle it easily. It is better to buy a crane that is slightly too big for your needs than to buy one that is too small. You want a crane that can grow with you.

You will want to make sure you get the best price for your crane, so be sure to shop around and get quotes from multiple vendors before you buy your crane. Check to see what the maintenance policy is and if the company will perform the required upkeep on the crane. A top running overhead crane will make your work much easier and keep things running more smoothly and efficiently. These cranes allow you to carry large loads easily and efficiently. Top running overhead cranes are fantastic investments.

In contrast to job-site mortars, the modern dry-mix mortars are produced in a special factory with dedicated facilities on batching and blending of all the necessary ingredients in highly-controlled process. In this way, different types of dry-mix mortar products with well-defined properties and performance to meet specific requirements and applications can be produced. The use of premixed dry mortars not only increases significantly product performance but also guarantees a high degree of application reliability and consistency. Factory premixed dry mortars ensure binders, fillers and chemical additives of known quality are blended exactly in the same ratio thus ensuring high degree of product performance and consistency. Nowdadys,  dry mortar mix plant is becoming more and more popular.

dry mortar production line
Raw Materials for Dry-Mix Mortar
Most of the dry-mix mortar products require only the addition of potable water and mixed with a simple mixer to produce high quality fresh mortars. Although the dry mortars are relatively easy to prepare and use, the ingredients and their proportions of each products are sometimes very complicated. You can have a look at our small dry mortar plant.

Most of the high performance products are usually based on extensive development process and tests in order to achieve the designed materials properties. In contrast to job-site mortar of simple ingredients and proportions, the types of raw materials used for production of dry-mix mortars are numerous and their mix proportions are complicated.  Click here for more information: http://drymortarproductionline.net/dry-mortar-mixer/.

The raw materials used for dry-mix can generally be grouped into four main categories (binders, fillers, chemical additives, pigments) and some of the basic generic types are listed below:
– Ordinary Portland cement (OPC)
– High alumina cement (HAC)
– Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS)
– Pulverized fuel ash (PFA)
– Micro silica
– Hydrated lime
– Gypsum
– Anhydrite
– Polymer
(2) Fillers
– Silica sand
– Quartz sand
– Limestone powder
– Silica powder
– Bentonite
– Perlite
– Polystyrene
– Vermiculite
– Expansion clay
– Cellulose fibre
– Polypropylene fibre
(3)Chemical Additives
– Cellulose esters
– Superplasticizers
– Thickening agents
– Air entraining agents
– Accelerating agents
– Retarding agents
– Defoaming agents
– Hydrophobic agents
– Plasticizing agents
– Shrinkage compensation agents
(4) Pigments
– Inorganic pigments
– Organic pigments
Most of the dry-mix mortar products contain both mineral cementitious binder (e.g. OPC) and polymer binder (e.g. re-dispersible powder) and they are normally packed in bags after mixing in the factory. Hence, the dry-mix mortar products are also known as Pre-mixed or Pre-bagged Polymer Modified Cementitious Mortar.

Production of Dry-Mix Mortar
Well established dry-mix mortar production plant is normally equipped with computer controlled batching, dosing and mixing facilities. For some sizable plants, they also have their own sand drying and grading facilities to handling the production of graded sands to be stored in silo containers. We can provide you with dry mortar production line. Depending on the setting up and associated facilities of the plant, the annual output production capacity can range from 20,000 Ton to 200,000 Ton. Modern Dry-Mix Production Plant For advanced dry mortar manufacturing plants with modern facilities, the production sequences are almost fully automatic with all the devices controlled 6 and monitored by electronic sensors. The automatic dosing system is usually very precise with extremely high accuracy (e.g. 30kg ± 3g, 0.01%) especially for batching high performance chemical additives. The batching sequences and mixing cycles are specially designed for each product to ensure the powdery ingredients are blended to form a homogeneous mixture within the batch. For a highly efficient modern plant, the mixing time for each batch (say 2 Tons) may be as short as 2 to 5 minutes depending on type and complexity of the product. Since the production is automatic and closely monitored by electronic devices, the product consistency is expected to be high provided that a tight quality control on the raw materials and products is performed. Therefore, for a top or world class dry mortar plant, a comprehensive and stringent quality control systems on both raw materials and finished products are implemented. Besides, a team of research specialist and technical staff is required to be stationed at the plant to provide continuous development and monitoring on products and production controls to guarantee the product performance. Visit this site: http://drymortarproductionline.net/small-mortar-mixer/.

Electric hoist is good for lifting heavy items. This machine was built to lift and relocate heavy items quickly and easily. A person using this machine can move heavy items efficiently and comfortably. Cheap electric hoist keeps the working costs low, because you don’t have to spend more money on labor. There are three types of chain hoists, electric, manual and hydraulic, on the market. Electric hoist is good for both small scale and industrial uses.The following are the top reasons why cheap electric hoist is the leading lifting hoist equipment in China.

electric cheapp hoist (2)

1: Increases Productivity

Cheap electric hoist is used to carry heavy items quickly and easily. They are not like manual hoists that involve a lot of time. The electric version finishes the job in a short time. You won’t exert yourself when you are using electric hoist. That is why it is hard to experience fatigue and muscle pain. This means that you will work for longer hours and this will increase the performance output.

2: High Load Capacity

Cheap electric hoist devices have a high trolley combination and a high combined hoist. For the heavier machines, this may range from 200 Lbs. and 200 Lbs. This allows the person operating this machine to lift a wide range of loads. And it improves the efficiency of the machine.

3: Cost-Effective

Companies in China do not have to increase their labor cost, because cheap electric hoist does not require much labor. Much less labor is required because the machine has a high carrying capacity and efficiency. This enables the companies to save a lot of money on manpower. It is a cost-effective investment, because it has a high performance.

electric cheapp hoist (1)

4: Versatility

Cheap electric hoist gives more versatility when they are being used. It can be used to lift heavy loads both vertically and sideways. There are some hoists that allow vertical movement only. Know that jobs tend to varies and there are some times you might want to move the load sideways. You don’t have to invest on two separate machines, because you can only buy a cost-effective machine, which has more features. The good thing about electric hoist is that it offers both horizontal and vertical movement. This adds to the functionality.

5: Less Noise

The noise generated by cheap electric hoist is not as high as the noise generated by manual and hydraulic hoists. If you are using electric hoist, the working environment will be more comfortable. They are kind to your ears. Use them if you are working routinely with a hoist.

6: Higher Durability

If the electric hoist is maintained properly, it can serve for several years. To make sure that the machine is always in good shape, it should be inspected regularly. Hydraulic and manual hoists are subject to high rate of tear and wear. You don’t have to spend a lot of money maintaining electric hoist.

These are the top reasons why cheap electric hoist is the leading lifting equipment in China. If you have been searching for the best hoist for your company, then you should invest in electric hoist. click http://ellsenhoist.com/cheap-electric-hoist/ to buy one.

Commercial stationary concrete batching plants are one of the most versatile and unique batch plants used globally nowadays, which execute an important task of road and civil construction with great stability, resistance, smoothness and an appropriate rigidity, and it leads to the rising usage of concrete batch plant at various sites in an astonishing way. Generally speaking, the adoption of commercial concrete mixing plants can improve the concrete quality and decrease the waste of basic materials, which also has good performance in the reduction of noises and dust pollution, and one may find more here: http://www.concrete-batching-plant.net/.

stationary concrete plant

Commercial concrete mixing plant has many superior advantages. If you want to find an efficient way to provide high quality concrete, it can be a relatively good choice. It is a good assistant for big construction works, which provides sufficient high quality concrete for many high-rising buildings, bridges or squares. Of course, there are varieties of large or small concrete batch plants available on the market, but not each of them will meet your demands. With the inevitably trend of globalization, lots of customers and investors tent to find good machines all over the world by searching on the Internet, and people often get confused and perplexed surrounded by numerous of concrete plants manufacturers on the Internet.

However, how to get the right plant? Firstly, investors should check their budget before looking up the info of concrete plants. To a large extent, the budget can largely affect your decision and selection. Second, it is wise to set a detailed plan of your purchase intentions, such as your ideal machine price, model, productivity and others. After that, they should compare different concrete plants on the Internet, and try to get a quotation and more details. Most importantly, investors should focus on the quality and performance of the plant, which will totally decide its productivity and service life in the following days. It will be the best if one can get a good commercial concrete mixing plants after continuous comparison and selection, and view more here: http://www.concrete-batching-plant.net/yhzs25-75-mobile-concrete-batching-plant/.

Commercial concrete batch plants can be a good guarantee for the smooth construction and development of modern civil construction, which represents the rapid progress of scientific technology in the past days. If you really want to invest on a commercial concrete batch plant, try to make full preparations at the very beginning. After all, a good beginning makes a good ending, right?

All in all, it is wise to invest on commercial cement mixing plants to keep pace with the demands of current situations. Single manual operation is not nearly as efficient as commercial concrete mixing plants. So, why not invest on a plant to make more money?



Apple tray making machine is a pulp moulding machine which produces apple trays. However, the machine can produce other products such as paper egg tray, egg box, egg carton, cup tray, bottle tray, shoe support and various fruits trays. This means that, the machine can easily be turned into paper egg tray making machine by changing the mould to suit the purpose.

The machine consists of three systems namely: pulping system, forming system and drying system. The machine mixes water and waste paper until the mixture reaches a given concentration. The egg tray pulp is then transported to the forming system which is responsible for forming a paper egg tray. The drying system then dries the egg tray and it is packed, ready for use.

The drying system of egg carton making machine is made up of semi-automatic dryer, automatic dryer and metal dryer. Your machine’s productivity determines the appropriate drying method. If you produce a 1000 units or less per hour, you may opt to dry your paper egg trays in the sun if your climate allows. However, if your output is more than 1000 pieces per hour, you may require to use a paper egg tray making machine with a dryer.

A machine with semi-automatic dryer uses a minor cart to transport egg tray paper pulp to the drying area. The dryer is made of 40-60m brick.

top apple tray making machine

apple tray making machine

Properties of Apple Tray Making Machine

When you are buying an apple tray making machine, you need to carefully check some properties in order to make sure that you buy a machine that meets your requirements. The properties include:

Model number – The model number usually appears ranges from GLF-1-3 to GLF-4-12. The model number determines the level of output.

Output per hour – The output is normally in terms of number of egg tray pieces. Most egg tray making machines produce between 1000 to 7500 pieces of trays per hour.

Mold quantity – Mold quantity ranges between three chunks and 48 chunks

Total power in KW – Total power may range between 33 Kilo Watts and to 160 kilowatts.

Paper consumed per hour in kilograms – The paper consumed per hour may range from 60kg – 600 kg per hour.

Pulper power in kilograms – The power ranges from 7.5 to 22 kilowatts. Drying system power ranges from 19 to 26 KW.

Advantages of Using Paper Apple Tray Making Machine

– The machine involves simple multi-layer installation. You do not need to know deep installation details for your machine to be operational.

– It is very easy to operate and offers a wide range of applications.

– The whole production line uses easily available coal, diesel oil and natural gas which are easily replaced. The egg carton machine has low energy consumption.

– It also produces less pollution and hence it is very environmental-friendly.

paper apple trays– The raw materials used are easily available. Waste paper from newspapers, cardboard, old magazines, paper carton boxes and old books are the major raw materials and are very easy to obtain.

– It produces very rich resources that can be used by everyone. The quality of the product is good and the prices are very affordable.

– The cost of production is very low. You can visit our website to know more: https://eggtraymakingmachine.net/egg-tray-production-line/.

– The egg-tray making machine has long service life and high efficiency levels.

You now have the answer to the question: What are the productivity of Apple tray making machine? As already discussed above, apple tray making machine is a pulp molding machine used to produce trays. It changes molds to produce either fruit tray, egg tray among other applications. With this information, you should be able to invest in a paper egg tray making machine that suits your needs.

In many different types of heavy duty work places, having to lift heavy objects is a run of the mill demand. No matter whether you’re looking at a construction site, automotive garage, warehouse, or fabrication unit, there’s a pretty good chance that on a daily basis, something weighing an immense amount will have to be lifted so that it can be moved or looked at from a different angle. Workers in these different types of contexts will often make use of different approaches to lifting said objects, from using a hoist or a winch to utilizing a forklift. Either way, the process of lifting and moving heavy objects can often be surprisingly time consuming, as well as dangerous. An item that is not being lifted with adequate machine aid can become unbalanced quite easily, which puts any of the worked that are doing there job in the same area of the heavy object at risk of potentially getting crushed or pinned under something that can’t immediately be removed. For more details about adjustable gantry crane, click here http://gantrycranemanufacturer.com/adjustable-gantry-crane-for-sale/.


But even though this is the case, many smaller and more enclosed heavy duty work environments like workshops do not have sufficiently powerful equipment for assisting in the lifting of heavy objects. This is a major problem, as it can encourage workers to attempt to lift items in ways that are unsafe to humans and could possible damage whole swaths of the work space. But despite all of this, many businesses don’t have heavy duty lifting machinery, for one simple reason: there just isn’t enough space. Property is always a huge expenditure, and many a work space needs to make the most out of every single patch of ground in order to make a profit. Gantry cranes are generally understood to be bulky and massive, which means that many people are reluctant to buy cranes for fear that they will take up too much space and will not be able to operate normally within the somewhat confined space.


Fortunately, there’s a type of heavy duty lifting machine that is designed to perfectly fit this type of circumstance. Adjustable gantry crane can be modified to fit a number of different space requirements, making them supremely adaptable. It also means that they are appropriate for a greater number of different jobs and task. An adjustable gantry crane can be used to lift and rotate a large object within a confined workshop with ease, and then can be adjusted so that it can move heavy objects outside without any kind of disruption. This sort of supreme versatility makes these objects a great investment, as they are able to speed up the working process in a number of different contexts. In essence, it’s not unlike getting many different cranes for a single price. This is why they are such good investments for any kind of heavy duty business. With some research and study, it is capable to choose an adjustable gantry crane that increases the profitability of any heavy duty business over time.

Paddle boats for sale for south africa, sometimes referred to as pedalos are a ton of fun. These boats make for very popular water park attractions and rentals since anyone can get around in them even if they have never been on a boat before. Paddle boats are fun and there are no safety concerns since the boats are human-powered and will not go very fast.

If you have a water park or a rental business dedicated to water sports, you should consider adding paddle boats to the different attractions you offer to patrons. Paddle boats will attract families and individuals who are looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon on water.

water park paddle boats rides for sale

Paddle boats are easy to modify and customize. In fact, you can purchase paddle boats that are made to look like ducks, swans shape paddle boats or other animals. You can easily paint these boats or add some design elements to match the theme of your park.

There are different ways to purchase paddle boats. You should ask yourself what kind of boats you need and which features you would like to find. You can for instance find some paddle boats that include awnings to protect you from the sun and you will find that there are different sizes of paddle boats. Ask yourself what size of paddle boats would be best for your needs and make a list of the features you are going to need.

If you need a single paddle boat or a small quantity of boats, the easiest way to purchase quality paddle boats is going to be through a sporting goods store. Large sporting good stores should have a good selection of paddle boats and the prices should be interesting as long as you only need a few boats. This could be a good way to get started with renting paddle boats if you want to make sure that these boats are going to be popular with your patrons.quality swan model paddle boats

If you need to get a larger number of 4 seat paddle boats, for instance to launch a new ride at an amusement park, it is best to contact a boat manufacturer. This is your best option if you would like to get boats with a specific design or with specific features that you cannot easily find. You will get lower prices by ordering directly from a manufacturer but this isn’t an interesting option unless you plan on buying a certain number of boats from http://bestonpaddleboats.com/4-person-paddle-boats-for-sale/.

You should also look into buying second-hand paddle boats. This is a great way to get a lower price on the boats you need. Look for any water sports equipment rental businesses or amusement parks that recently closed or that are in the process of closing. These businesses will probably be looking to liquidate their capital, including paddle boats. You might have to make some modifications to the boats or to at least paint them but this is a good way to get affordable boats.

There are different ways to purchase paddle boats if you are located in South Africa. Beston Paddle Boats -Water Rides Supplier in China is also a choice for you. Compare your options and look for the seller or manufacturer that can offer the right boats at the right price.