A very useful type of business that is able to help with the production of roads, parking lots, and even driveways, is called an Asphalt mixing plant. These plants are able to create what is called asphalt, a type of material also known as bitumen, which becomes a very highly viscous liquid when heated. It is derived from petroleum, and can be considered the glue or binder that is next with an assortment of aggregate particles to create concrete and many other substances. Let’s go over how those asphalt mixing plant for sale actually operate, and discuss a few other things they can make as well.

asphalt mix plant

What Goes On an Asphalt Plant

If you have ever taken a tour of one of these facilities, they are structured in a very specific way. There is an aggregate supply system, what is called a drum dryer, and also a coal feeder and burner system. A dust collector is also used along with a vibrating screen, and a place to store the asphalt once it is done. It uses many ingredients, of which sand is very important because of the high water content that it possesses. Most of the energy that is spent making asphalt comes from boiling off the liquid part of sand.

The amount of boiling that needs to occur will depend upon the water content within the sand, but it is necessary to get the perfect mix or blend necessary to create the final product. Good asphalt mix plant manufacturers will give you helpful instruction on that issue.

Binders Used To Make Asphalt

The binders that are used to make asphalt can vary, usually between pen values of three and 300. This number is typically around 40, with a maximum of 200 in most cases, and can determine how workable the asphalt will be when it is hot, and how stiff it will be once it is cool. These pen values are very important as it will also determine how long the asphalt will last, which is also a determining factor on where it is used. If it will be on a major highway where there will be considerable wear and tear, so this part is very important in the production of this product. You can learn details here: http://asphaltmixingplants.net/asphalt-mixing-plant-sale/.

The Importance of the Batch Heater

One other component of the asphalt mixing plant that is imperative is the batch heater, the drum where the asphalt will be placed. It will be mixed and distributed from this point, usually into delivery vehicles, so it can be utilized on roadways. You may actually have a separate plant that has just a batch heater which is common when production volume is low. Most of us have seen mobile batch heaters which are used with very small projects such as with driveways in remote locations. Without this, the asphalt cannot maintain its high temperature that is necessary when it is poured out. In the same way that concrete is poured and hardens, asphalt works in a similar manner, leading to the driveways and roadways that are the end result.

This brief overview of asphalt drum mix plants should give you a bird’s eye view of how they run. The mixing portion of the plant, aside from the heating of the asphalt, is a primary component of how these businesses operate. If you need to have a driveway done, or if you are a major contractor that is in charge of fixing or creating new roads, you will want to have a relationship with one of these companies on a formal basis so that you can have a constant supply of this material which will be necessary to complete all of your projects. To learn more about asphalt plant, you can visit this website: http://asphaltmixingplants.net/.