A batching plant is also known as a concrete plant and is operated by concrete or batching plant engineers. These individuals perform many duties within the concrete industry, from creating the concrete mix to designing and building projects using concrete. They also hold supervisory and management positions at batching and concrete plants overseeing the production of concrete ensuring its quality meets all customer requirements.

Batching Plant EngineerDuties and Responsibilities

Batching plant engineers may work with engineering or design firms, concrete manufacturers, consulting agencies, governments, or construction companies. Their duties typically depend upon the type of engineering degree they hold or their background in concrete industry management.

Structural Engineering

An individual with a structural engineering background who specializes in batch plant engineering may work in many different roles. Their duties can include managing projects from blueprint to final construction. They can also reconstruct or repair bridges or dams protecting them from the elements or natural disasters. Some engineers with a structural engineering background will focus on residential or community projects.

Civil Engineering

Individuals with a civil engineering background also perform duties in all areas of the concrete industry. These include sewer, roadways, energy, water, and transportation networks. Civil engineers work in all phases of project development, from primary level design all the way through construction, trouble shooting, repair, and completion.

Concrete Industry Management Program

Individuals with a concrete industry management program background have been trained in all of the technical areas of the concrete industry. They understand how concrete is manufactured, tested, and used. They typically work in the business and management side of the industry. Concrete or batch plant engineers with this background usually work as production or technical managers or they may work in sales, marketing or product distribution.

Batch plant engineers can work in any area of the concrete industry making this a good job for college graduates. The average salary for all engineers is over $90,000 and job prospects are expected to increase by 9% by 2022, so this is definitely a growth industry.

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